10 Stunning Fireplace Tile Ideas To Transform Your Living Room
Fireplace Tile Ideas To Transform Your Living Room

A fireplace can transform your living room into a space you can enjoy all year round. But the right tile can make your fireplace remodel even more impressive.

There are many patterned tiles, from geometric shapes to floral prints. No matter your choice, a tremendous patterned tile can transform your living room and add an element of interest to any fireplace design.

Subway Tile With Black Grout

One of the fireplace tile ideas is to use subway tile with black grout to give your property depth and character. It is a classy alternative that never goes out of style and is durable for many years.

A simple way to jazz up your subway tiles is by changing the color of the grout. Darker grout lines will draw attention to the pattern of the tile, while light grout lines can create a more neutral look.

Picket Tile

The picket tile is the perfect solution if you want to add a unique, one-of-a-kind tiled surface to your living room. This elongated tile, named for its resemblance to the popular picket fence, can be installed in horizontal and vertical grids.

These long, narrow tiles look great in traditional and contemporary design styles. To assist you in designing the place of your dreams, they are offered in various colors.

Floor-To-Ceiling Subway Tile

Subway tile is a classic that looks great in any home. It is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and offers a great way to add style to your living room without spending much money.

One of the latest interior trends is the straight subway tile pattern. Unlike the traditional running bond that stacks tiles horizontally, this new take on the design allows you to create a grid-like appearance while adding an element of visual interest.

Mosaic-Style Tile

Mosaic-style tile is a unique design option that can help create a stunning fireplace surround or backsplash. Its versatility and durability make it a smart choice for residential and commercial spaces.

Mosaic tiles can be made with different materials and colors, including ceramic and porcelain. These tiles are also water-resistant and easy to clean.

Large Tiles

Whether you want to add a rustic element or a modern touch, large tiles are an excellent choice for a fireplace. They are available in various styles, shapes, colors, and textures to fit any design aesthetic.

Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but large tiles also offer several benefits to homeowners. They reduce visual interruption, require fewer grout lines, and are easier to clean than smaller tiles.

Decorative Tiles

Decorative tile isn’t a typical choice for a fireplace surround, but it can help transform your living room. A stylish tile design will add a touch of intrigue to the room, and it’s also incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

A tile pattern is a great way to create a stunning focal point in a living room; many prints are available. Just choose one that works with the theme of your room and ties in with your furniture.

Black & White Marble

The dramatic contrast of black and white is a classic choice that will add sophistication to your design. The beauty of this type of tile is that it can be used in various styles, from modern to classical.

Marble is a versatile option for your fireplace surround. Its many finishes and veining patterns will give your design the warmth to stand the test of time.

Convex Fireplace With Marble Hearth

A convex fireplace with a marble hearth is an attractive way to transform your living room. The arched fireplace shape already adds a unique flair, and the zellige tiles (handmade ceramic tiles that are glazed) add to that effect.

Rearranging your furniture so that crucial pieces are angled towards the fire is another great way to make it stand out without spending any money. Adding accents such as mirrors or sconces can also help make your fireplace pop.

Cement Decorated Tiles

Cement-decorated tiles are a great way to add pattern and color to your fireplace. These tiles are also durable and require minimal upkeep.

They can be used on floors, backsplashes, and the hearth of your fireplace. They’re a perfect addition to any room in your home.

Decorated Ceramic Tile

Tiles can be the ideal answer to add personality to your living space or create a focal point.

Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for flooring due to its insulative properties, as it helps keep the room cool during the summer and warm during the winter months.

It also resists stains and moisture. Depending on the type of material, it can last for years.