How To Align Safety & Health Goals With The Organization’s Overall Strategy
How To Align Safety & Health Goals With The Organization’s Overall Strategy

Organizations work best when all the departments work in harmony. The same extends to strategies. Your organization’s overall system must sync with other minor yet distinct strategies. They must all serve one final goal – to enhance the organization to reach new heights.

One of these critical strategies is your organization’s Workplace Safety Culture or safety and health goals. And like any other goal, it should start from the top and reflect downwards on the entire organization. The top management must set an example for those at the grassroot levels. However, aligning these strategies is not an easy job.

Let’s see how you can align safety and health goals with the organization’s overall strategy…


To begin with, all the strategies in your organization should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, and Timebound. SMART goals help to streamline the entire work of the organization. It instills a certain sense of direction and brings about objectivity, giving your employees specific deadlines and goals to meet. Such goals are typically long-term goals with annual reviews.

Other goals are more short-term and tactile, facilitating continuous improvements. These goals are a part of the small picture that eventually translates into the larger picture. Once you have these goals in place, pick them one by one and scrutinize them in-depth. See for areas where your employee may get injured, harm themselves, or fall ill.

After recognizing these areas of possible harm, do the following:

  • Discuss them with your employees and take their feedback. Since they are the ones who will be working to achieve these goals, they are directly exposed to these harms.
  • Study how these potential health and safety risks affect the overall output in terms of the goals.
  • Take advice from an expert. Get an expert into the house and discuss how these potential harms can be avoided in the most straightforward manner possible.
  • Ensure that your objectives are action-oriented but tailored to reduce risks to your employees. This is very important for activities involving close interaction with machinery and sharp objects.

Additional Practices You Can Adopt

In addition to adopting SMART goals that are in harmony with the safety of your employees, here are a few other things you can adopt:

  • Introduce Safety Workshops: Safety workshops are not just about ensuring that your employees know the safety practices. They are also about ensuring that your employees know how to act in a situation of emergency – how to act, how to protect, first-aid measures and more. Trainers can make use of roleplay to ensure that the employees have grasped most if not all information.
  • Provide Access to Digital Learning Courses: Safety workshops are often a once-in-a-year event. But what about employees who were onboarded after the workshop? This is where a digital learning course can help you. It will ensure that the newly boarded employees know what a Good Health and Safety Culture Furthermore, it informs them about the potential risks in their role and how to tackle them. It is an easy way to keep your employees on top of their safety. Not to forget that leveraging digital courses aids in forming SMART yet tailored goals.
  • Plan Safety Audits: Safety Audits are as meaningful as your financial audits. They help to uncover substantial risks, giving you a real insight into the practices at your workplace. Depending on your discoveries, you can align your existing practices and introduce some new ones to foster a good health and safety culture. However, ensure that a third-party auditor carries out the safety audit to avoid bias and subjectivity.

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