Mike Tyson Siblings: Know All About His Family! (LATEST)
Mike Tyson Siblings

Mike Tyson, a well-known world champion, has dedicated his whole life to his boxing Career.

He has always been resilient about his personal life; very few people know about Mike Tyson’s siblings and his offspring.

Before earning the world championship, Mike Tyson spent his life like an ordinary civilian of the United States, just like you and me. Most of his battles have been organized in the stadiums of the United States, which is why US citizens love Mike Tyson a lot.

In a recent interview, Mike Tyson revealed facts about his siblings and what they are now! If you are also fond of Mike Tyson and wish to get up and close, stay hooked and keep reading further.

Mike Tyson’s Siblings 

Mike is the youngest offspring of Lorna Tyson and Purcell Tyson; he has 2 siblings. His elder sister “Denise Tyson” is unfortunately not with us. His elder brother Rodney Tyson joined the science stream when his younger brother “mike” was abducted and kept in a juvenile jail centre for an unknown reason. However, he was always captivated by the fact the chemical experiments and coin collection significantly derived Rodney!

Mike Tyson’s Extended Family 

Mike also has a stepbrother “Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick” from a stepfather named Jimmy Kirkpatrick. The Kirkpatrick family has spent most of their life in North Carolina, whereas the Tyson family grew up in New York.

Despite racial differences, Jimmie joined Myers Park School, a prominently white institution. Soon he established his name on the football field and joined Purdue University, Indiana, where he developed himself as a famed footballer.

Mike Tyson’s Equation With Lorna Smith Tyson

Lorna Smith Tyson is the mother of Mike Tyson and their other 4 siblings. She was born in Charlottesville, Virginia but spent most of her life in Bedford, Stuyvesant.

Soon after the birth of Rodney, Denise, and Mike, she reportedly married Percel Tyson in New York. Unfortunately, Lona died when mike was 16 years old. It might be suspiring to hear, but Mike Tyson coated in one of his interviews, “death of my mother was one of the best things that have happened to me.” The reason is also unique, “his mother would have spoiled him with rather he fought many street fights and mastered his skill to stand on his own feet.”

Mike Tyson & His Kids 

Mike Tyson has 6 kids: Mikey Lorna, Rayna, Amir, Miguel, Milan, and Morocco, who are the youngest.

In 2005, Mike Tyson announced his retirement, but the title “Iron Mike” got attached to his kids forever. Currently, all his kids are in their beloved professions; some have chosen sports while others are working as actors, model and some run their own businesses.

Where Is Mike’s Sibling Today? 

  • The eldest brother of Mike “Rodney Tyson” became a renowned brain surgeon and worked as a physician assistant at the University of Southern California for about three decades. Currently, he is married to Tammy Tyson and has a son.
  • Unfortunately, Rodney and Mike’s sister, Denise Tyson, died at 24 on February 21, 1990. As per the investigation, her sister died from a severe heart attack. This happened days after Mike lost one of the most precious “world heavyweight titles” to James Douglas.
  • Jimmy has been an educator, administrator, and coach for 30 years. The Charlotte Foundation honored Jimmie by conceiving the Jimme Lee Kirkpatrick Award. However, Jimmie has chosen to stay silent about his personal life.


Mike Tyson is amongst the most talented boxer the boxing association could ever have. Our in-depth research has gathered all the essential information you might require to know Mike Tyson up and close.

He does have left the boxing industry, but he has earned the love and respect of loved ones across the globe.