Onikami Trello (2024) Updated Guide
Onikami Trello

Roblox has become home to many gamers, a go-to platform where gamers can access many exclusive games for absolutely no money. These Roblox games have been featured on various Trello pages, amongst which Onikami is another game that has pulled huge interest towards Onikami Trello.

However, what is the use of a Trello board in a gaming website? Trello board is a website that usually asks users to create a Trello page, but this time, Onikami has launched its own Trello board where gamers or fans can access all the details. Since the Onikami Trello has gone live, it has created quite a buzz across different parts of the world, including the United States and Brazil. Keep reading further if you are searching for the reason behind this hype.

Trello Board Website: Overview

Before getting into the details of Onikami, let us first understand Trello and how it works.

Trello board is an organization that allows its users to create a Trello page and organize their work and projects with lists or boards as per their feasibility. With Trello, keeping a record of completed projects and what is yet to be completed is feasible.

Trello board is not only for theoretical data or graphs. The concept of Trello is quite simple to the Whiteboard, filled with some important sticky notes. You can add photos, sticky notes, attachments, and color to your text. Similarly, Onikami Trello is a board with all the necessary data on the Onikami game.

Onikami Trello: Overview 

If we talk about onikami, it’s an independent studio for video games and the title of a trendy Roblox game. This game is based on acclaimed manga and anime series, including Demon slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba. This game has also been inspired by an older game, if you remember, “Onikiri.”

At first, the project “onikami Trello” was abandoned due to personal or professional uncertainty. But after a year, the project was back on track and launched in 2013. However, the same task was again found in 2015, with a new set of programmers.

Since the game launched, it has attracted thousands of visitors, making “the query Onikami Trello” trending.

More Details On Onikami Trello 

  • The Trello board of Onikami is an entire fledge page designed for the details of the game, which explains the different levels of the game.
  • Onikami Trello offers elaborated details of clans, slayer masks, the process of demon mode, and how steps to turn on hybrid or other cards.
  • Trello has different lists of other cards, so you can quickly segment your data.
  • The board available in Onikami Trello consist of details like – game work, slayer masks, game passes, game basics, breath techniques, breath trainers, blood demon arts, and demon art trainers.
  • The Onikami Trello is available for users! However, only board admins can change the text at any time.
  • The Trello page of this specific game is quite expensive, but it contains all the necessary details you may ever require.
  • Through this Trello page, you will access to basics of the game, such as hybrids, demons, etc.

Onikami Codes 

As we record regular updates on Onikami, in this update, we have received some newest working codes, which can be redeemed to reroll to have better passives.

If you reroll your race, you can quickly determine the breathing technique you require to access.

However, you will require the official discord server for the latest updates on code and to converse with other players.

How do different levels work in the game?

Now that you know about Trello board, let us explore different levels and how they work or help you proceed in the game.

According to the Onikami game, your character’s level depends upon the number of kills you are recording as a player. The more significant number of kills you register, the more levels you can cross.


Trello has been an excellent invention for Roblox players, a compact platform where you can access details, keep records and manage codes quite well. Our in-depth research has mentioned all the necessary information you require to understand this Roblox game “Onikami.”

However, if you still require more, we recommend exploring the Trello board and keeping updated.