Reviews: Is Legit Or Scam? Reviews Is Legit Or Scam

Have you ever heard of You’re probably someone who frequently shops online. If so, you probably have come across this website. With the ease and convenience of online shopping comes the need for reliable and efficient shipping. Shipmentsfree claims to answer those needs, but how much do we know about this platform? Let’s take a deep dive into Shipmentsfree to unlock the whole truth about the website. We’ll talk about its services, and whether it’s a reliable option for your shipping needs.

What Is

Overview Of The Website is an online shipping platform. It supposedly offers domestic and international shipping services. The user-friendly website allows customers to create an account and place orders. It has a variety of shipping options, and you can track their packages.

How It’s Supposed To Work

Customers provide shipping details, including destination address. They also provide package weight and dimensions, and shipping method. Shipmentsfree generates a shipping label for customers. This will help them print out and attach to the package. Customer support is supposedly available through live chat and email.

How The Shipmentsfree Scam Works

The Shipmentsfree scam typically works by luring unsuspecting victims. They make them believe that they can receive free products or goods for free. Imagine receiving your order, such as electronics or clothing, without paying for shipping. The scammers create fake websites or social media pages that offer these free items. Then they ask the victim to provide their personal information to claim the free offer. Personal info usually includes name, address, and credit card details,

Once the victim provides their information, the scammers usually charge them a high amount. Customers are made to believe they would be charged for $3 subscription fee. But in reality, they are also charged an additional monthly fee of $19. This extra charge comes as a shock to new subscribers because it was hidden.

Ways To Avoid The Scams

You can avoid falling for the Shipmentsfree scam. You have to take certain measures to protect yourself from fraudulent practices. Here are some tips on how to stay safe from Shipmentsfree scams:

  • Before making any purchase on, make sure to read the terms and conditions. It’s essential to know what you’re signing up for and what kind of services you’ll be receiving.
  • Do not rush through the online purchase process. Take your time to read the fine print of the agreement. This will help ensure that you are not agreeing to any hidden fees or charges.
  • Be sure to check all the boxes on the payment page after confirming. Uncheck any pre-ticked boxes to avoid enrolling in any hidden subscriptions. It’s essential to be vigilant and aware of all the options presented to you.
  • Make sure to conduct thorough research about the website’s credibility and reputation. You can do this by checking the internet for ratings or reviews from other customers. 
  • Be vigilant. Regularly check your bank statements for any unexpected or unauthorized payments. If you notice any unusual activity, report it immediately to your bank. You can also alert the relevant authorities.

How To Cancel Your Shipmentsfree Subscription

If you want to cancel your scam subscription, here are two ways to do it:

You might be unable to cancel your subscription through the options provided on the website. You might experience broken links or unresponsive contacts. If so, consider taking the following steps to get your funds back:

Report Unauthorized Transactions

Let’s assume you notice any unauthorized transactions. If so, you should inform your card issuer immediately. This will help you explore potential refund opportunities. This is a useful option, especially if you used a secure payment method.

Close & Replace Your Credit Card

To avoid any further charges, you can opt to close your current credit card and request a new one. Some banks may notify you of any suspicious transactions through text to facilitate prompt action.

Enable Text Notifications

Another thing you can do is you can enable text notifications on your bank’s website. This way, you will receive real-time updates on transactions. This is another way to enhance your future security.


The Shipmentsfree scam is a common online scam that preys on unsuspecting customers. It’s important to be vigilant and take precautionary measures. If you do fall victim to the scam, take immediate steps to secure your accounts. Also, report the scam to the relevant authorities. By following these simple steps, you can protect yourself from falling prey to online scams and enjoy a safe and secure online shopping experience.