What Is WooCommerce SEO & Why Do You Need It?
What Is WooCommerce SEO

Are you tired of running an unprofitable business? Try Wocommrecre. It’s an e-commerce platform that helps you reach out to your customers both locally and globally. You can add SEO services to get the most benefit from Wocommerce. It increases your site’s visibility, eventually leading to sales of your products online. But that’s not all! If you hire professional SEO services, it can do wonders.

This guide is all about WooCommerce and its benefits. Let’s dive in!

What Does “WooCommerce” Mean?

Woocommerce is a popular WordPress theme developed by Mike Jolly and James Koster. The themes are designed for businesses (small, mid-sized, and large-scale) with their websites developed or powered by WordPress.

Is A WooCommerce Website SEO-Friendly?

Yes, the WooCommerce website is SEO-friendly but doesn’t have many SEO-friendly features. This means you must utilize images, content, theme, and product descriptions for SEO. As a result, it is suggested to hire professional SEO services. They have experts who have their entire focus on the SEO of your business.

Besides that, it lets you use plugins, which have their own important roles on a website. These plugins can be counted on to maximize the eCommerce experience.

How To Perform Effective SEO For WooCommerce Websites?

The WooCommerce website has two vital aspects: technical and SEO. Technical elements, if catered to, will aid in SEO for the website. Thus, with these tips, you can optimize your website for SEO.

1. Create Page Title

The title tag is the most important part of SEO. Not only does it search results, but it is the first element the crawler reads. Thus, you need to ensure that it’s SEO-friendly.

As per Google, the best page title is under 60 characters. Hence, it would help if you incorporated your business keyword into these characters; however, it should make sense to your readers.

2. Meta Description

The meta description is what you see in search results right below the meta title. It’s the search engine’s choice to show it, or it may pick any simple text from your page. Thus, you should create a unique description for your page.

The maximum character limit is 160, where you can incorporate your business keyword.

3. Avoid Difficult URL

You stand a better chance of being remembered if your URL is short and descriptive. Descriptive means it should give an idea of the content or page. This makes it simpler for both the crawler and the reader to determine relevancy.

4. Incorporate Breadcrumbs

These days, breadcrumbs are a must for any website. It provides the crawler with information about different pages and their oath on the site. Furthermore, it makes navigation easy for visitors by telling them about the current page and how far it is to the homepage. It looks like a path that you see when you go into your computer folders.

For instance: Dresses>Women>Clothing>Home.

5. Use Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Google Analytics, along with Google Search Console, are the two most valuable tools you must have. These tools keep track of your web traffic and its sources. It separates the traffic sources and tells you about organic and paid visitors. With this data, you can improve your SEO strategies and pursue SEO in a more meaningful way.

6. Use Alt Text

Use alt text for all images on your Woocommerce store. This alt text is the short description that crawlers use to understand your website. Even if your image is not visible, the text will give the reader an idea of your product image. You may include size, color, number, etc.

7. Avoid Plagiarism In Content

Do not copy content from any website, or search engines may penalize you. Hence, you must create unique content for your website. If the crawlers detect any plagiarism, they may discard your website from the search results.

Closing Remark!

Hopefully, the guide will help you understand WooCommerce. By applying these tips, you can improve your website’s visibility. However, if you think it’s not your cup of tea, hire an agency that offers SEO services for Woocommerce. For more posts like these, stay tuned with us!